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GNM Cargo || Airport Shuttle Services

We are totally aware of how stressfully it is arriving in the new city in a new country with everything and everyone looking and sounding strange to you. You might feel alone, lonely and lost only because you don’t know where to start asking for a transport, hotels and even guidance of where you want to go.

Guangzhou is one of the biggest cities in the world, it is a very busy place on earth where people come and leave only for business. Someone may spend hours and even days looking for something or trying to understand places in the city, without a special guidance, your valuable time and energy would be lost literally like dust in the air.

Because we care, and we really love our customers, from the beginning we never wanted bad things to happen to you whenever you visit Guangzhou. GNM Cargo established a special service dedicated to customers regularly or for the first time visiting China. GNM Cargo is having a special team of people working day and night serving the customers arriving at the Airport, in the city of Guangzhou, China.

We have more than two buses doing trips from the Airport to our offices or any hotel of your choice. Once you arrive at Guangzhou, we will pick you up from the airport, help you with your luggage, take you to the awaiting GNM Cargo buses and bring you anywhere to the hotel or business centers if not to our offices located in the city.
Before you start thinking about this free service, please remember to let us know about your journey before you start your travel arrangements to China, from East Africa. Contact us through phone or by visiting our office branches in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam- Tanzania or Kampala-Uganda. Knowing when you arrive will help us get prepared before the time of your arrival.

Remember this service is totally free, there is no any extra charges you will have to pay us. We have so many testimonials of how much this service is helping people by serving their time and money, leaving them stress free while doing business in China. Welcome to GNM Cargo, ship with us today and get many other benefits including business advice, shipping insurance and hospitality services once you arrive in Guangzhou.

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