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GNM Cargo || Warehouse Services

We are proudly announcing to you that we are the best in warehousing, GNM Cargo has a large area with highly secured warehouses in the city of Guangzhou China, Dar es Salaam Tanzania and Kampala Uganda. We are capable of serving more than 500 customers at a time before we get everything ready for shipping to East Africa.

Our services include transporting your goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse, compressing service, storing long enough and getting everything ready for shipping to East Africa. We know our fairly charges put us at the top of the competitors list with more new and repetitive customers.
GNM Cargo is serving both small and large businesses including all institutions looking for better services. Warehousing is inseparable when it comes to better shipping services, because of that, every year we dedicate much of our time expanding our capabilities in serving customers through our ware housing service.

With more than 5 compressing machines of different weights, we will help you avoid paying much in shipping costs by combine all your packages in a single small bale.
Remember to give us all the necessary information when you deliver you goods at the warehouse, details like name, destination and phone numbers will help us know exactly where to deliver and who we should call in case of anything.

Are you looking for reliable shipping services? ship with us today for fast, secure and cheap shipping services? With GNM Cargo Insurance you are all covered!

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