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GNM Cargo || Guangzhou Trading Services

Have you ever been in Guangzhou before or ever done any purchasing overseas? Then you might be aware of how stressful it is handling all the logistics by yourself. GNM Cargo was established purposefully to handle all the shipping process for you, as a company GNM Cargo has served many customers from all over east Africa for more than eight (8) years, something we should all be proud about.

But there is something else you must be knowing! Doing trades or purchasing goods in a new country with new people, new places and totally strange currencies has never been easy to some people. There is much risk of getting less for more money you have paid, losing everything if not getting lost.
We understand knowing places, culture and people of china will need you to stay here for a quite long time before you become familiar with everything in business. This is very stressful to all of us because we don’t want to lose anything, we don’t want to get less for more money we have paid and most importantly we want to get back home safely. Because of that some of our customers have raised their concerns about how we can help them doing most if not all of the necessary things for them to complete purchases in no time in a stress-free environment.

GNM Cargo is now offering “A Trading Service”, we will help you in completing everything necessary for you to get your goods in a short time, you may not even need to travel to Guangzhou, just give us all the necessary details of what to purchase and who is your preferable manufacturer, complete necessary payments through bank or visit our branch offices in Dar es Salaam or Kampala, Uganda and we will get everything done for you.
GNM Cargo Trading services is also for businessmen, institutions or companies that want fully assistance while visiting China. We provide full guidance of where to start in purchasing your goods, recommendation of good manufacturers, warehousing and shipping services.
Do you think you are a busy man with no time to waste? Then contact us so we can arrange everything for you to spend less time in Guangzhou purchasing goods or even do it for you while you keep busy with other important things.

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