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For more than 8 years now, we believe we are the leading company in the East African Shipping Industry, Custom Clearance and Forwarding Services. Established back in 2010, GNM Cargo, a Clearing and Forwarding company has served more than 10,000 new and repetitive customers. With our branch offices in the city of Dar es Salaam Tanzania and Kampala Uganda, we have managed to provide fast and reliable services with high satisfaction to all of our customers.

For much more reliability, we are using different shipping lines including Pil, Maeskline, Saf and Emc which makes us number one in the competitors list.
Our shipping service includes freight forwarding from the manufacturer to our warehouses, storage, custom clearance and shipping to all over East Africa. We are also doing all the custom clearance services on your behalf once the cargo has arrived in your local country. We recommend that you complete payments for shipping costs in your local country before you come to Guangzhou, payments can be done through bank or by visiting our branch offices in Dar es Salaam or Kampala Uganda.

Shipping costs will include warehousing services, custom clearance and shipping from China to East Africa. Our shipping Costs will also include bale compressing services, which will help in reducing shipping costs by compressing many packages in a single small bale. Storage in the warehouses will be calculated basing on the number of days your goods have been stored in the warehouse.

Remember, every customer shipping with GNM Cargo will benefit from our “Insurance Service” which will cover everything shipped from China to East Africa. Incase of an accident or any kind of loss, you will be refunded. Shipping with GNM Cargo will also make you eligible for loans in case you run out of money when purchasing goods in China.
We know our fairly small shipping costs earns us many new and repetitive customers every year. We have dedicated much of our time in listening and doing what our customers want, from airport shuttle, GNM hospitality services, purchasing guidance, warehousing, insurance and many more, are the marks of many milestones achieved through working hard day and nights serving you.

GNM Cargo is now expanding in all East African Countries, you can choose to trust us now and start shipping from China to whatever country in East Africa. We believe we have learned a lot in the last eight years, which makes us highly experienced solving all of the shipping challenges in a professional way and deliver highly satisfying services to our customers.

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