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Welcome to China, welcome to the number one populated country in the world but get strong to face their culture which may not be very friendly to all of you arriving here. China is very famous in many things and when it comes to what they eat it totally looks strange to many people around the world.

Most of our customers who came and those who keep coming to Guangzhou have been facing hard times in making choices of what to eat and where they can find something suitable to fulfill their hunger.

Our hospitality service will help you focus on the necessary things while we are serving you with the important ones. We understand how busy you are, we are well prepared to serve your days while you are purchasing goods, we’ll make sure you get everything done within a planned time or even before that.
GNM Cargo is been here in Guangzhou long before you all came for the first time. We are totally aware of your accommodation and meals challenges you might face being in here, that’s is why we start with you from the airport once you arrive, we bring you to the less expensive hotels and most importantly we’ll prepare delicious and cultural food for you in our special cafeteria in Guangzhou offices.

Are you coming from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda or anywhere in East Africa? Worry not, we have a special cook for you. We normally prepare all African cultural foods for our customers so they can dine at their comforts before they get some rest in hotels of their choices. We will make sure you spend less for meals and accommodation, regardless of how many days you might stay in Guangzhou. For your safety, you may allow us to keep you closer and watch every move you make in the city. From the airport to the hotel, GNM Cargo offices to the markets or manufacturers, we will guide you in everything you need to know so you can accomplish everything within a planned time.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call before you make arrangements for your travel to China, let us know everything so we help you from the airport to the hotel and even to the business centers or manufacturers. You want to spend less time and money? Start shipping with GNM Cargo today.

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