GNM Cargo 8 Years Anniversary at Mkombozi Social Hall

Everywhere in the world, it is a custom to celebrate once an achievement is made, at GNM Cargo celebration is part of our business. Every year we dedicate sometime to remember how much we have achieved and how many people chose to trust us in a pool of tens of a hundred of shipping companies.
We have already celebrated more than 5 milestones achieved by working together with you as our customers and for that we proudly say we are glad to have you in our family. GNM Cargo meets with customers for cheers, friendly talk and suggestions for the purpose of improving our services to meet all your needs.

In the last year (2017) celebration, which happened at Ramada Resort, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, so many announcements were made and much more recommendations and suggestions were given to us. Because we are always listening, we worked hard improving every section of our services to meet your needs. Thanks so much to those who managed to attend the event and joined a large family of GNM Cargo, with all the photos we did together, dinner, drinks and music, we will always remember your contribution in making GNM Cargo the number one company in the competitors list.

In 17th, Feb 2018 we had a bigger event at Mkombozi Social Hall, in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. It was “A GNM Cargo 8 Years Anniversary” which for the records brought and joined many more people than ever before. So many things unexpected were made possible in that day, we were highly and heartedly supported by all customers who managed to attend and even those who could not because of some inconveniences.
GNM Staff, working together as a family managed to prepare and put everything in place hours before the event which started immediately around 17:00, Saturday of 17th, Feb 2018. No one was left behind, all the staff from China, Uganda and Tanzania joined to make the event possible.
All the staff including secretaries, cashiers, accountants, shipping line officers, warehouse and marketing officers together worked hard serving food, drinks and making new announcements while celebrating a new milestone achieved.
It was an 8th year of GNM Cargo as “A Clearing and Forwarding Company”, so much new announcements were expected from “The Company’s Director, Georgefrey Mbilinyi and his General Manager from Tanzania branch offices, Ernest Mwillama. The Director thanked everyone for attending the event including the staff who were working hard to make sure everyone feels home in the hall of celebration.
A new announcement was made public, the director introduced a new “GNM Air Cargo Service” which will be much more fast, secure and reliable. The service will help people get their parcels and low weight bales within 24 hours, which means you can order something today and expect it to be delivered early in the next day. “To us this is one of the biggest steps we ever made, helping those with small amount of goods not necessarily wait longer same as those shipping in containers” said the GNM Cargo Director.

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