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The waiting is now over! GNM Cargo is introducing “Express Air Cargo”, you can now ship all parcels and low weight bales in a fast and much more reliable “Air Cargo Service” with GNM.

For years we have earned many new and repetitive customers by providing highly satisfying Custom clearance and freight forwarding services in China and East Africa. For the records, we have never let you down despite some little inconveniences, we sincerely apologize for that. After a long journey of shipping together as a family of GNM Cargo, we have listened to your concerns and decided to take care of everything, one after another including this one of having “Express Air Cargo”.
We are glad to tell you that now you can ship with “GNM Air Cargo” from China to East Africa in fairly low shipping costs.
GNM Air Cargo is available in our services list, now you can decide to make payments for fast, secure and reliable delivery at all major airports in East Africa.
All payments for Air Cargo services should be done in East African Local banks or by visiting our office branches in Dar es Salaam or Kampala Uganda.
Air Cargo will include all parcels and less weight bales, shipping costs will be calculated basing on their weights, fragility and value. We are shipping from a single piece to a small and less weight bale but not large bales, which we recommend you should follow procedures and make payments for ocean freights.

GNM Air Cargo is a service that delivers within 24 hours compared to a full month of ocean freights, which means you can order something now and expect to receive it early in the next day.

All parcels will be collected at GNM warehouses or branch offices in Dar es Salaam or Kampala. Make sure to send us correct information of yours before we load your stuff to the plane. Details like Name of receiver, Phone Number and Destination will help us contact you immediately after arrival of your goods or inform you in case of any inconvenience.
Were you looking for fast, secure, reliable and less expensive shipping costs? You can choose to ship with GNM Cargo now, because we are serving everyone from an individual person, small and large businesses.

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