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GNM CARGO was established in 2010 as a clearing and forwarding agency with less than 10 employees. The company was rooted in China as an agent for facilitating purchasing and shipping of goods from China to Tanzania, with many customers being the Tanzanians. GNM Cargo is currently carrying out its operations in three countries, China, Tanzania and Uganda while finalizing establishment of new centers in Kenya and Zambia.

In China we are located in Guangzhou Business city, with very welcoming employees in our offices, we will guide you in everything you need to know about China trading or business culture, products, industries, food and hotels. With our exceptional services, you will have nothing to worry about your cargo stored in our wide area ware houses before we get it ready for shipping to East Africa.

In Tanzania we are available in the city of Dar es Salaam, with full time employees at the port for custom clearing and ware housing, we will get everything ready for you to pick up your arrived cargo. Our branch office is located in Kariakoo, Msimbazi, in the third floor of Old Azania Bank building from where you can get all the necessary information about your cargo status, make payments or meet our management in case of anything.

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Meet us at GNM Cargo offices in Guangzhou City where we provide all necessary services to our customers including guidance to the China's local markets, manufacturing industries and hotels. This is where you will get everything for your successful trip to China.
We provide free bell compressing services, we have large and small machines which gives us much more reliability of what we are doing. We reduce shipping expenses by more than 50% to all or our customers.
We have full time employees working in our wide area ware houses 24/7 making sure we put everything in a right order. We do regular checkups to make sure no customer's goods are misplaced in anyway.
Our services include storage of your ready packed goods in our Godown ready for shipping to East Africa. There is no point in time where we delay and leave anything behind.
After a short wait of preparation, we bring everything to the ports ready for embarking. We have full time working employees doing this day and night to make sure you get it to you in no time.
We get everything ready by registering and documenting everything single container and everything in it. We have never lost a single container, which makes us the most trusted shipping company in Tanzania.
Every single move we make, we will let you know. We have a very active customer care working by giving all the necessary information you will need to know about your Cargo status, on the way and even after arrival.
Nothing you have to worry about Custom clearance at the port of Dar es Salaam. We have a full time working Custom clearing team which will make sure all the necessary steps are done on your behalf. You can Trust and ship with us now!

We have the best Professionals in the industry

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We have more than 30 full time employees which makes a pool of professionals and talents from Managers, Accountants, Shipping line officers, Ware house machine operators and marketing officers who will guide you in everything you need to know from how and what you should prepare for your first trip to China, arrival arrangements, including hotels and Tanzanian cultural food.

We believe we are one among the most competitive shipping companies in terms of prices, services offered and number of alternative shipping lines we use for security and reliability. GNM Cargo is now the most reputable clearing and forwarding company in Tanzania when it comes to number of customers ready served and those we serve every month and year. Meet us every year in February to celebrate every single milestone reached. We always have meeting occasions with our customers, listening to the challenges they face in doing business with us, travelling and purchasing challenges. We also effectively use those moments in gathering advices of what we can do to improve our services and serve all businesses regardless of their capital.

Welcome to GNM Cargo, feel free to contact us now and start shipping with us today.